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Need a primer on breastpumps? See our info page, "Breastpumps 101"!
Medela's toll-free customer service number: 1-800-435-8316

Pump In Style Advanced Shoulder Bag

Pump In Style Advanced Backpack
Medela® PUMP IN STYLE breastpumps

For complete descriptions and information on how to order one of these models, click on the corresponding pump link.

Medela® Swing™ Breastpump - $145.00

    •    Mobile pumping with tabletop, belt clip and neck/shoulder strap options.
    •    Drawstring bag to keep everything clean and in one place between pumpings.
    •    24 mm PersonalFit™ breastshield.
    •    More milk in less time with 2-Phase Expression® technology when pumping at Maximum Comfort Vacuum™.
    •    IMPORTANT:  This product is a single user item.  Use by more than one user may pose a health risk, performance questions, and voids the warranty.
    •    All parts that come into contact with milk are BPA-free.
    •    24 mm PersonalFit™ breastshield
    •    Bottle stand
    •    2 - 5 oz. bottles, lids & travel cap
    •    Wide base slow-flow nipple
    •    1 valve
    •    3 membranes
    •    Tubing
    •    Neck/shoulder strap
    •    AC adapter
    •    Battery power option (4AA batteries not included)
    •    Carry bag
    •    Instruction manual
    •    Breastfeeding Information Guide

Medela® Lactina Select Rental Breastpump - Item # 104:
Local Customers (NE Tenn., SW Va.): $50.00/month or $3.25/day
Non-Local Customers: $150.00/3 month lease period (please see Lactina Rental For Non-Local Customers)
Lactina Select shown with Double Pumping Kit
Lactina Select
Double Pumping Kit.
Lactina Select shown with Lactina Rental Kit
Lactina Select
Lactina Rental Kit.

  • Hospital-grade electric pump for single pumping or simultaneous double pumping
  • Also operable with vehicle lighter adapter (separate purchase) or rechargeable battery pack (separate rental or purchase)
  • Adjustable vacuum levels from minimum to maximum for ultimate comfort
  • Adjustable speed control allowing for cycle rates of 48-60 times a minute
  • Autocycling feature that closely mimics baby's suckling
  • Quiet, discreet operation
  • Comes in hardshell blue carrying case with adjustable strap
  • Rental contracts renewable monthly
  • Also available for purchase. Ask for details.
  • Ideal for the mom of a premature or ill baby, the mom who is unsure of how long she will pump, the mom who chooses to pump exclusively, or the mom who does not choose the Pump In Style breastpump. Designed and durable enough for frequent, long-term pumping needs.
PUMPING KITS: Item #s 105 and 106
One of these pumping kits (or similar Medela kit) is required when pumping with the Lactina Rental Pump:
  • Lactina Double Pumping Kit - Item # 105 - Provides for single or double pumping with the Lactina breastpump . Includes manual adaptor to accommodate the need for manual pumping. $50.00
  • Lactina Rental Kit - Item # 106 - same as Double Pumping Kit but with an added Black Cooler-Carrier for transporting your pump more easily and discreetly and storing your breastmilk for up to 24 hours (includes 3 white gel cooling elements). $60.00  ***PLEASE NOTE - This does NOT include a pump.*** Another note - Medela no longer ships these kits with the "blue ice" packs.  The kit comes with white gel cooling elements.

Still unsure of which pump meets your needs best or don't see a particular Medela breastpump? Call toll free 1-888-486-5591 for help with choosing the right product or feel free to browse Medela's website. I will be glad to place special orders for you or guide you in selecting the appropriate pump for your specific needs.


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